Magnatron Weekly Timer

” We are introducing the “MAGNATRON WEEKLY TIMER ” which will allow you to switch ON / OFF the Air Conditioner on pre-scheduled timings which can be programmed for each day separately.


  1. Hoarding & Bill Boards.                     3. Lights & Fans.
  2. Street Lighting.                                    4. Air Conditioners.
  • The  Timer  can be operated in 4 separate power supply ranges from 240Vac to 12 Vdc/30A.
  • The Wall-Mounted Unit has a Non-Volatile Memory for your setting.
  • The Digital Timer is accurate to the minute,designed for up to 17 ON / OFF (events) per day.

Also, it provides 15-combinations of Daily-Programs which can lead great convenience to users upon choosing the required days in a week for operating the load. “