Magnatron Water Conditioner and descaler are a reliable and time-tested “non-chemical method of water treatment”. This technology has been certified by AWWA, NASA, DEPT. OF DEFENCE, USA, AMERICAN PETROLEUM INST. and others. The Magnatron Water Conditioner (MWC), based on the Patented, Monopole Technology is by far the world leader for Prevention & removal of scales. The technology uses permanent, special developed high strength monopole magnets (lifetime working), which are configured for placement externally in order to inhibit scale formation due to industrial or domestic hard water.
Magnatron water conditioner
There has been a long history of magnets being used to eradicate the hardness caused by minerals in water. This helps to control deposition of scale in vessels and other items. With the advent of such water conditioners in the market claiming to reduce scale deposition, one has to try the effectiveness of – Magnatron Water Conditioner.


  1. Prevention & Removal of Scaling for 10 years .
  2. Substantial energy saving, since a 1 mm scale causes 16% higher energy cost.
  3. Scale also leads to corrosion, reduced life of equipment, chillers & heat exchangers as well as increased maintenance, labour cost and expensive downtime.
  4. The Magnatron Water Conditioner has a life of 10 years, requires no electricity, maintenance or chemicals and can be simply “clamped on” in just a few minutes, externally.
  5. The Payback is barely 34 months, while Income Tax allows 100% depreciation in the very first year!
The Monopole Magnetic Water Conditioner doesn’t require any chemical, maintenance, electricity or maintenance, and is a “Fit & Forget Device“!
We are privileged to be enlisted again in the finalist by H&Vnews Awards 2016. Therefore, we proudly announce to serve the world with our inimitable products to save energy across the world. Our products much influenced by Newton’s law of Conservation of Energy that states “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed”.