Huge electricity bill is a household problem. In order to escape this heavy energy consumption issue we tend to opt for limited use of various electrical appliances. We hardly consider finding a solution for reducing the energy consumption. It’s a universal fact that the mercury level now-a-days seems to be way higher, so the general dependency on air conditioner has magnified. However whenever we switch on the A.C, deep down the energy consumption of your air conditioner gives you nightmare. So how do you deal with it this concern? We have also seen many families and commercial places who avoid installing A.C in the fear of energy consumption.

For all the people who are facing this problem related to heavy energy consumption, we have a good news!!! Now you have the opportunity to minimize your electricity consumption with Airtron. It is one of a kind, product, that can be described as a Programmable Microprocessor- based A.C Energy Saver. It is enabled with Dual sensors and assures unsurpassed cost-savings.

Minimize the AC Energy Consumption

We all know that maximum states in India suffers from frequent power cuts and there is serious shortage of energy. So by using this energy saving device, you would not only save on electricity bill of your home but also help the country as a whole.

Scarcity of consumable energy is a global issue and using an energy saver device is like Airtron will be able to bring a massive change globally. The best thing about this product is that, it is programmable and at the same time offers you the feature to customize the device according to your requirement. The dual sensors and display feature operating in closed-loop circuit of this device can help you to save upto 35% on your electricity bill.

In order to control A.C’s energy consumption through an energy saver, it requires multiple algorithms and controls to work under changing climates & Humidity up to 98%. In this situation the simple ‘plug-n-play’ energy saving devices that are commonly available in the market seem to be unproductive. They even fail to regulate the Room Temperature.

Airtron on the other hand has user-friendly interface and simplified programmability. Therefore it can be easily used by anyone and contribute to the energy conservation purpose.