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Working Principles

Q. AC’s are only controlled by a Mechanical Relay & Timer – thus, have no” Intelligence”.

A. The Airtron is an ‘intelligent’ microprocessor which operates on multiple algorithms in a ‘closed – loop’ circuit based on feedback from its 2 additional sensors, for Room Temperature & Coil Temperature. This also enables the Airtron to adapt to changes in ambient conditions automatically & save electricity.

Q. The AC manufacturer pre-sets the AC for the hottest geographical locations.

A. The Airtron allows you to program the AC to your climate & geographical locations & automatically adjusts itself to change the ambient conditions to save electricity.

Q. Conventional Ac’s do not have a Room temp. sensor or a Coil temp. sensor – and operate only on the Return Air temp. which shows error up to +/- 4C.

A. The Airtron has two additional sensors one for the Room & one for the Coil – and its multiple algorithms ensure the Room Temp is maintained while compressor run time is substantially reduced to guarantee savings irrespective of geographical location, climate, change of seasons, day or night and yet maintain the Set Room Temperature.

CE certified
80% Depreciation under I.T. rules ensures payback is reduced by 33%!
Approved by leading O.E.M.’s, PSU’s, MNC’s in India & Overseas.

Partial Customers List

Partial Customer List

Customer List of Airtron AC Energy Saver


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1. How does the Airtron Saves Electricity?

Airtron is the World’s First & Only Programmable Retrofit   to “read”  the Room , Coil and Ambient Temperatures  and  use multiple algorithms in a closed- loop circuit to maintain and display precise room temp. and save upto 35% by optimizing the compressor run time.

2. Is the Airtron a proprietory Technology?

Yes, the patent was filed in 2012 and published in 2013- the sole patent applicant is Kishore Mansata, it is manufactured in India.

3. What is the warranty & life of the Airtron ?
The warranty is 1 year, and we have been manufacturing since 2011, and the units are still working so you can safely expect a life of 5 years +.

4. Is the Airtron applicable on all AC’s?
Yes, the Airtron offers the same range of savings on Air Cooled Air Conditioners Single-Phase and 3-Phase even up to 30.0Tr, all makes & brands .
The Airtron is equally effective on 2 Star – 5 Star Ac’s and even on Inverter AC’s.
The Airtron is suitable for Windows, Splits, Packages, Ductables, Multi-Splits , Cassettes etc.
Each Compressor reqires 1 Airtron  model to be selected on the Tonnage of the AC.

5. Does the Airtron effect the warranty of the Air Conditioners?
The compressor is hermetically sealed and the installation cannot tamper with the compressor, and the Airtron is only installed in series with the AC.

6. How can I install the Airtron ?
The installation is very simple and can be done by any AC repair mechanic and we will proved all drawings , illustrations , and live telecon support and this takes only 20 to 30 minutes.

7. How much savings can I expect?
You can safely expect savings between 20% to 40% and the pay-back of barely 3-6 Months approx at 9 hours per day under normal conditions.

8. Why do AC manufacturers not incorporate the Airtron?
The Airtron has been proven even on Inverter AC;s, so the sale of Inverters would fall.
AC manufacturers are only interested in the sale of the Air conditioners and exist in highly competitive environment . Their mandate is to sell Ac’s , and they have no interest in reducing your electricity bill.
Also due to competition they do not want add any costs and the trouble of explaining and installing a retrofit.

9. How does the Airtron effect  the life of the compressor?
The Airtron increases the life of a compressor substantially since the compressor run time & cycles are reduced to save electricity.

10. How can I buy the Airtron? Where is it available?
We ship the Airtron in just a few days to any part of the world on receipt of your payment.

For ordering please contact –  INDIAENERGYSAVER@GMAIL.COM / +91 9748727966 for a quote/price list.

Strategic Equity/ Channel Partners

Strategic Equity/ Channel Partners Welcome

1. Strategic Equity Partner (SEP):

Airtron is a unique device and the only one of its kind in the World. It offers very attractive Pay-backs and presents a huge profit potential to SEP’s who have good market outreach.

The Market is very large as Ac’s are a necessity in this era. The profit margins are high, offering a high Return of Investment (ROI).

The Airtron is a “Win – Win” situation for the SEP, his channel partners and the customer who will have an ROI of a few Months .

2.   Channel Partners:

You may choose to partner us for any territory where your marketing strengths lie, or even partner us as an Exclusive Licencee /Channel partner or simply as a distributor with a high ROI.

In all business models you will enjoy handsome profits & ROI.

Contact : , +91 9748727966 with your proposal.

Kishore Mansata – Sole Patent Holder.


Press Release




The AIRTRON  is the world’s only Programmable Microprocessor- based A.C Energy Saver. Equipped with Dual sensors for Reading  & Display of both Room & and Coil temperature , and  also referencing the Ambient Temp., and Guarantees savings upto 35% while maintaining & Displaying Precise Set Temp. at Paybacks of barely 3-5 months!
AC Energy Saver

The Airtron is the world’s most advanced AC SAVER , with all the controls of a Precision AC , and available at a mere fraction of the cost!

To save energy in A.C’s & maintain the Set temp. under changing climates, requires multiple algorithms and controls.Thus,simple ‘plug-n-play’ timers,currently available in the market are not viable, as they lead to increase in Room Temperature!

For Energy Savers to be successful in such a wide range of climates & geographical variations, an intelligent program device is required. The AIRTRON delivers, with an impressive 10-point programmable menu and dual intelligent sensors to save electricity while maintaining the Set Room temperature.

Additionally, this has a user-friendly interface with easy programmability so that the instrument can be operated even by a lay person.


The Airtron’s dual sensors reference the Room and Coil & Ambient Temp, and with it’s multiple algorithms in a ” closed -loop circuit” ensure the high savings and adapts your AC to Ambient Temperatures and Climatic changes.This unique device has been developed on Patent-Published technology that has been Tested and approved by leading MNC’S, PSU’S and Govt. Departments.

The Airtron has been validated on all AC’s- Inverters, 5 Star, Splits, Multi-Splits, Packages, Ductables, Windows, Cassettes from 1.0 – 20.0 TR , by such companies as LG, Tata Communications, Ashok Leyland etc.(to be furnished on request)

The Airtron is the world’s most advanced AC SAVER , with all the controls of a Precision AC , and available at a mere fraction of the cost!

The AIRTRON is available with a Remote for setting the Room Temperature , and in Non Flammable Polycarbonate Enclosure , with SMPS Power Supply, to tolerate wide Voltage and Current fluctuations, Surges, Spikes and Sags.​