The AC Power Saver which saves upto 35% on bills

Magnatron brings to you AIRTRON AC Power Saver – the world’s only Programmable Microprocessor- based air conditioner electricity saver, equipped with Dual sensors for “reading”, programming & display of both Room and Coil temperature.

Airtron AC Power Saver

Airtron is the world’s most advanced AC power saver that offers real savings of up to 35%, by helping your air conditioner to maintain accurate room temperature. This ‘state-of-art’ AC power saver has been is equally effective even on inverters, VRVs, VVRs, packages and windows up to 20.0 TR and is validated by OE’s on Inverter AC’s, MNC’s globally and PSU’s.

The founder of Magnatron – a company engaged in providing cutting-edge, proven solutions for Energy Saving, Flow, Water Treatment, Fuel Saving, Tracing Underground Utilities, Fault Finding, & Crop Boosters since 1979, Mr. Kishore Mansata has already filed a Patent for the world’s first AC power saver.

Magnatron Water Conditioner

Along with the AC power saver industry, Magnatron has also made its impact on the water conditioner industry by bringing to you the only Monopole Magneti​c ​Non-chemical​ ​D​escaler in the world. Having the pay-back of nearly 3-4 months, one can enjoy a depreciation of 100% in Income Tax, through the usage of this Monopole Magnetic Water Conditioner. The unique technology behind the product has been validated by NASA, DOE, Federal U.S. Government and is regularly supplied to Blue star, ETA, Nikhil Comforts, Pentagon, Safe Air and other for the last 15 years.

We also represent some of the world leaders for cutting-edge instruments. We have a Pan India dealer network, only supported by technocrats.

We are privileged to be enlisted again in the finalist by H&Vnews Awards 2016. Therefore, we proudly announce to serve the world with our inimitable products to save energy across the world. Our products much influenced by Newton’s law of Conservation of Energy that states “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed“.